Thanks for joining me!

This blog is created and maintained with the intention of helping students and their parents stay up to date with what we are working on in the classroom.  It is not intended to replace a student’s work ethic in class, nor is it intended to replace a student’s need to take notes in class.  I will endeavour to put homework, assignments, resources, and class notes up here as often as I can; however, ultimately, students are responsible for recording and adhering to course work content, homework, assessment and due dates, as they are provided during class time.  It is required that students use an agenda to help organize themselves throughout the year.
To my students, I very much look forward to a wonderful year of learning! Asking questions, working hard, trying our best; together we have the ability to make this year in class fabulous!
A little bit about me:

This is my 31st year as an English teacher; this is my 29th year at Byng.  I have been the English Department Head for 13 years now, and have also worked in Byng’s Theatre Department, off and on, over the years.  Currently, I teach Byng Arts English 8, English 11 Enriched, Theatre Company, a Skills Block with the wonderful Mr. Kosman, and a District Resource Teacher (DRT) block: Curriculum and  Assessment Support for BC’s New Curriculum, Grades 8-12;  I share this role with my colleague David Cacchioni.
Looking forward to this 2018-2019 school year!